by | Apr 30, 2020

Are you…

➡️ Sick of doing home workouts by watching prerecorded videos with no social interaction?

➡️ Stopping when you feel like it because no one’s there to tell you to keep going?

➡️ Missing the buzz of a class with other ACTUAL people?


There’s soooo many home workout videos on the internet at the minute. We’re not trying to compete with these at all. We’re just providing our own version of them for you. The benefit of this in contrast to them is direct accountability.


Coach you through the exercises with harder and easier options.
Keep you motivated.
Give you the feel good factor again ??


As past 4 weeks we’ve kept this exclusive for our members, but we’e decided as of tonight, anyone can join in ???

All you need to do is fill in the inquiry form on this website and we’ll send you through the details of how to book in ??