3 Steps to Feel Great in Your Post-Pregnancy Body

by | Dec 19, 2016

After having a baby, getting back into exercise may seem like a big step. There’s no doubt about it, you won’t be doing chest to the floor burpees 3 weeks after a C-section. Taking adequate time to recover is exceptionally important, however there are things you can do even within the first few weeks to make the journey back to feeling good again as smooth as possible.


There seems to be a lack of information about what you should and shouldn’t be doing in the weeks and months following the birth of your baby. Doing and eating the right things in that time period can be the key to a short and pain free journey back to feeling confident in yourself again.

Feeling good again, looking after your body and being happy within yourself are great goals to set. So how do you go about it?


  1. Give your body time to heal

Rushing straight back into heavy exercise, whether it be bums and tums, hill running or squats and deadlift won’t be beneficial. Your body has been through a highly stressful 9 months, especially if it ended with surgery. Start gentle and build up slowly. Sleep and recovery are really important. It might not be that handy with a screaming baby, but getting adequate recovery will help the process.


  1. Eat the right stuff

Food is your fuel. During periods of recovery, you generally need a wee bit more. That’s not to say eat a whole packet of jammy dodgers instead of just one. Protein should be high, that’s the biggest player in recovery (that’s what your muscles are made of). Lots of dark green and colorful veg, they’re full of the vitamins and minerals that you’ll need to thrive again. Get your carbs from whole sources (actual food, not the processed stuff), things like potatoes, pasta, fruit and grains.


  1. Rebuild your core and pelvic floor

Retraining your core (in and around your abs/back) your pelvic floor muscles and your glutes to do their job again will help prevent sore backs, pelvic pains or pelvic floor issues such as wetting yourself (its no joke), uncontrollable gas (neither is this), pelvic organ prolapse and other negative consequences. This will give you the foundation to increase the intensity again over time, start lifting heavier again and regain your tone and definition!


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