5 tips for training yourself in the gym

by | Nov 2, 2022

1. Time your rest periods ⏱
For most sets, your rest period will be between 60-120secs. The lower end of this if you’re lifting lighter, the higher end if you’re doing lower reps and lifting heavier generally. It’s easy to get distracted on your phone, talking to someone, or simply not realise how short 60 seconds actually is. To get the best development from your training, be strict with your rest periods.
2. Record you workouts 📝
If you don’t track your workouts, it’ll be very hard to know if you’re making any progress. Some people have the ability to remember exactly what they lift and do, if this is you then you’re lucky, but for most people, keeping a training diary is very beneficial. Try to increase your sets/reps/weight/volume over time in a progressive and structured manner.
3. Have a ‘go to’ playlist 🎧
On the days that you simply can’t be bothered, a hit of caffeine and turning on your favourite playlist that gets you going might just do the trick. Once you get going, it’s normally grand.
4. Have some form of accountability 🏋️
This usually comes in the form of a training partner, buddy or friend. Someone who you set a day and time with to train, that you don’t want to let down. This can be a big factor in helping to stay consistent when you don’t feel overly motivated. You don’t need to do the same training program or train beside them, just knowing that you’re both going to be there can be enough to get you out the door.
5. Schedule in a de-load week/break from training 🛫
Penciling in a holiday, something to look forward to, something to work towards or simply a week that you don’t have to kill yourself is well worth of doing. In saying this, if you only train once or twice a week, you likely don’t need a de-load week. But if you train 3-6 times a week, scheduling in a week for your body to rest a bit more, can lead to a fresh lease of life in your training and your ability to get stronger.
These are just a few things that we find useful at T1 Fitness, if you’ve anything else to add, comment below 👇🏻