Airport & Weekend Away Survival Guide

by | Jan 28, 2019

It’s all well and good when you’re at home, you can make your own food and dictate what goes in your mouth. I’m not entirely sure why it happens, but when people go away for the weekend, it seems to throw a major spanner in the works. It’s nearly as if it’s a free pass to eat what you want, drink what you want and expect progress to continue. “What else was I supposed to do?”

Here’s a few quick tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Make a packed lunch 

This may sound ridiculous, but this is literally the key to staying on the wagon. Make your food before you go. Sandwiches get through security, I can guarantee you. Bring some fruit, boil some eggs, make some sandwiches, cook some pasta and chicken, bring a few protein bars. It’s literally that simple when you can be bothered to do it.

  1. Pre plan

Have a look before hand at what restaurants are in the airport you’re going to. Have a scan down through the menu to see what’s available. Go with a game plan. If there’s no healthy option,  avoid it.

  1. Make wise choices 

Something simple like a fruit pot from Boots or the meal deals you can get nearly always have macronutrient details on the label. Have a look at it. Aim to get something with a protein source and something green in it. Be mindful that salads aren’t always the better option. They often contain sauces and other things to make them tasty. Compare and contrast to find the best option.

  1. Walk, walk and walk some more

When you’re away for the weekend, try and get your step count up. Especially if you’re  in a city that there’s lots to see, try to avoid using public transport if it’s feasible to walk, it’ll give you a better chance to take in the sights!

  1. Rent a bike

Most cities I’ve been to have lots of places to rent a bike. It’s a fast, enjoyable way to see around the place. If you aren’t confident on the road, head for a big park and spend some time cycling round at your leisure, you’ll be surprised how relaxing it can be whilst burning calories at the same time, not to mention good for your cardiovascular health.


In conclusion, weekends away and the process of it all don’t have to be a write off in your weight loss journey. No doubt, you’ll have to be mentally strong, have lots of will power and be prepared to change your usual habit of “sure I’m on my holidays”. Unfortunately, lots of hard work can be undone in the course of a weekend. Be prepared, plan ahead and walk wherever you can!