“Are grapes making me fat?”

by | Jun 13, 2022

A common question we get asked…”Are grapes fattening?” 🍇🤔

Lets break it down a bit…

Grapes are a fruit, so a portion (a handful) counts as 1 of your 5 a day. Good thing ✔️

Grapes are a fantastic antioxidant, this means they help counteract bad processes in your body to put it simply. Good thing ✔️

Grapes may be beneficial for your heart due to a thing in them called reservatol, this is where the old glass of red wine being good for you craic comes from. Good thing ✔️

There’s about 50 calories in a portion/handful, most of which is sugar. This is where the bad rap comes from. There’s about 12 grams of sugar in there, that’s not much in the grand scheme of things.

Where grapes might play a role in being overweight, is when more than a portion (potentially a whole punnet) is consumed in a short time, as part of a day or weeks over indulgent food intake, therefore contributing to an individual being in a calorie surplus (eating more then you need to maintain your weight). It wasn’t the grapes that were the culprit, it was the combination of everything else that went along with them. Maybe even the cream bun 👀

Grapes should be enjoyed as part of a calorie controlled, balanced, varied, healthy nutritious diet. If you like them, factor them into your daily intake. Eat a variety of colourful fruit and veg through the week.

Everything in moderation 👍🏻