Are you a care giver?

by | Mar 9, 2023

When you are a care giver, you are constantly giving your all for someone, having some scheduled time to exercise can bring about a host of benefits.
If you are a family member who cares for someone with a disability, whether a child or an adult, combining personal, caregiving, and everyday needs can be challenging.
It can be a very positive and rewarding experience to know you are helping someone else.
Some carers feel they’ve learnt more about their own strengths, or have helped others understand their condition, problem or disability. You might feel a sense of satisfaction from making a real difference to the life of the person you care for.
Supporting someone else can affect your mental health and make it harder to stay well, here is where exercise comes into play.
How exercise helps?
🔸 Some time out for you, as they say on an airplane put your own safety vest on first.
🔹 Improves mood by releasing endorphins.
🔸Decreases how we perceive our stress, we may still be stressed but after training, how you handle this may be worlds apart from if you hadn’t trained.
🔹Helps you cope with difficult situations.
🔸Reduces health risks to yourself.
🔹Can be a social outlet for a good rant, or sense of community and belonging.
🔸Improves energy levels.
🔹Sense of accomplishment.
If you’re a care giver, don’t let your own health fall by the wayside.
Even if it’s only 5-10 minutes, do something for yourself this week, maybe a short walk. Get out into the fresh air. If you can spare the time, maybe book into a class.
You’ll feel 100% better for it!