Are you finished school and heading to university in September?

by | Jun 13, 2022

This is one of the most challenging times for young people. We’ve been there and got the t-shirt, you’re stepping into the unknown having to move away, meet new people, make new friends, maybe even do your own cooking and cleaning for the first time 🧑‍🍳👀
It’s the type of scenario that requires a little bit of self belief and self confidence, something we often overlook, but see grow in so many people when they start to come to the gym and train.
All of our sessions are well thought out and follow a structure. With this structure and regular training, you’ll see improvements in both strength and fitness levels. This in turn improves your self confidence and self belief. Something you thought impossible and couldn’t do at the start, soon becomes “easy”! Beyond that, you notice your body starting to change and you become more comfortable in your own skin, this again increases your self confidence that little bit more!
If you are in, or know of anyone in this scenario that would benefit from some training with ourselves over the summer months, don’t hesitate to get in contact today! 📥