by | May 26, 2019

Have you ever just felt completely jiggered? Tired all the time? Body empty? Can’t be bothered doing anything because you simply haven’t got the energy?

Maybe you’ve ‘burnt yourself out.’ With all the stresses and demands of life it can be easy to take on too much, potentially more than you can handle. Your intentions are good, but it might in fact turn out to be counterproductive to take on so much at once.

The aspect of ‘burnout’ I’m going to focus on is exercise and food intake. Is it possible to do too much exercise? Yes, of course it is (however there’s not many in this bracket).


Let’s say fat loss is your goal…

In scenario one, exercise for one hour a day (burn 250 calories) and eat 1500 calories. In scenario 2, exercise 2 hours (burn 500 calories) and eat 2500 calories. Which is more advantageous for FAT LOSS (not fitness, body building etc)?

Answer: Scenario 1. Your calorie deficit is 750 calories greater.


Sometimes exercising more results in eating EVEN MORE. Try to strike the balance between the optimal amount of exercise that doesn’t make you binge and over consume calories.

Exercising too much may lead to fatigue. Generally feeling sluggish all the time (again not too many in this bracket, but potentially some).

Doing too much can make you fall out of love with exercise. There’s no harm in taking a day or two off here and there so you look to getting back at it. By the end of the football season I’m glad it’s over, but after a week can’t wait to get back at it!

Do not make an excuse by fooling yourself into believing this is you if it’s not.


Points to take from this post:

➡️ find the optimal exercise/hunger balance ⚖️

➡️ keep your training/exercise interesting and enjoyable ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️?

➡️ book regular holidays/down time to prevent burnout and recharge your batteries ?✈️