Consistency Is Key

by | Apr 2, 2016

In order to lose weight, the only things the average person needs to do is….

– Move a bit more every single day.
(Approximately 10,000 steps is a good target)

– Exercise 2-4 times per week, EVERY week. The more enjoyable this is, the more likely you’ll stick at it! Also something that gets you sweaty will likely be more beneficial!

– Eat mostly nutrient-dense foods (ie. Lean stuff from animals and green things.)

– Keep calories in mind all the time but don’t totally obsess over them.

– Remember that one ‘crappy meal’ doesn’t mess up your progress so far.

– Drink less liquor.

– – – – –

The bottom line is, it’s about –

– Consistency

– Not being afraid to put some work in but not making it a miserable experience either.

– Consistency.

– Not subscribing to a fad or quick fix.

– Consistency.

– Having some accountability for actions and decisions.

Oh … And consistency.

(Credit to Mike Samuels for this post, wise fellow with some great content)