Could you feel better?

by | Mar 13, 2024

Some people forget what it’s like to feel 100%, full of energy, not groggy all the time. Is that someone you?
If you’re eating rubbish food, lots of processed stuff, takeaways a few times a week, maybe a brave odd pint, it’s unlikely you’ll be firing on all cylinders.
You’re probably stuck in a caffeine dependent cycle 😑
It’s a cliche, but you literally are what you eat.
Nourish your body, rather than abuse it.
✨ Set regular meal times 🕰️
✨Try and avoid eating takeaways as a habit, save them for special occasions 🎂
✨ Consume lots of colourful fruit and veg, that’s where a lot of the goodness is 🥕
✨ Simply aim for real, fresh, wholesome food. The stuff your granny would have ate in years gone by.
We post information, meal plans, encouragement and small challenges in our T1 members group. This helps our members stay on track. We bring together like minded individuals to increase the chance of success.
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