CrossFit is a load of ?

by | Feb 19, 2021

If you think this, you’re a bit delusional, sorry. It has it’s place, just not at T1, we’ll stick to what we know. Body building is just for men. Also, load of dung. Say this to a female body builder and you’ll likely get a black eye ??Here’s 10 more things I hear all the time in the fitness industry that make as much sense as supporting Liverpool or eating marmite.


  1. Carbs make you fat. They don’t, too many calories make make fat. If you ate too many carrots you’d get fat.
  2. Cardio is better for fat loss than resistance training. Wrong. They both do a good job and should compliment each other, do them both.
  3. Gyms are intimidating. If you think this, you haven’t been to the right gym yet.
  4. Personal trainers don’t eat rubbish. We do, we just eat healthy food most of the time.
  5. Bread makes you fat. No, it doesn’t. Too much bread not factored into your daily caloric intake might contribute to fat gain.
  6. You need to be sore after every workout or you didn’t train hard enough. Wrong. I agree, it’s nice to feel some muscle pain after a workout, but zero muscle pain is not the sign of a failed workout. Your muscles adapt, they can burn calories and increase in strength without causing you pain.
  7. Lifting weights will make you bulky. Unlikely. It’s exceptionally hard to gain muscle mass. Ask a skinny fella who can’t buy a bigger bicep for love nor money. Some people will gain muscle faster than others, but it’s highly unlikely that females will get bulky training a few times a week without being in a calorie surplus as well.
  8. I can’t lose weight because of my metabolism. Wrong. Yes it may be harder to lose weight as you get older, but I’ve yet to encounter a case where it’s impossible when sticking to calorie targets and regular exercise for a prolonged period of time.
  9. Sweating more means you aren’t as fit. Sweating is not an indicator of fitness, simple as that.
  10. Milk is bad for you. Only if you sniff it, try and fuel your car with it, or it disagrees with your insides. There’s an awful pile of nonsense out there, don’t believe everything you read or see on TV.