Do you suffer from anxiety?

by | Mar 9, 2023

Do you ever feel yourself getting panicky for absolutely no reason?
It’s a horrible feeling in your body that you seemingly can’t control.
Have you ever walked into a room and started to sweat, felt your chest tightening, your stomach going into knots and a nasty sick feeling coming over you? Maybe even at the thought of walking into a room 😳
It can happen first thing in the morning, creep up randomly during the day, or last thing at night 👿
Doing a bit of physical activity appears to be protective against anxiety disorders in clinical and nonclinical populations (Remes et al, 2016).
How or why can exercise help you avoid your dreaded panic attack/feelings of anxiety?
🔹 It diverts your attention from the thing you feel anxious about, while giving you a sense of accomplishment.
🔹 Getting your heart rate up can favourably change your hormonal response. Hormones play a big role in your feelings of anxiety.
🔹 Movement can help reduce tension in your body, the same tension which comes hand in hand with anxiety.
What exactly should you do?
🔸 Choose a form of exercise you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy any kinds of exercise, start by going for a walk.
🔸 Exercise with a friend, it’s hard to beat laughing with a mate and having a bit of social support.
🔸 Get outdoors. Fresh air and nature is the best free medicine.
This isn’t a substitute for seeking professional help, just a compliment to it and something that can only help.
If this sounds like you, message us and we’ll set up your free consultation 🤳 if you know of someone who suffers from anxiety, please share this post 🫶🏻