Does it get harder to stay in shape the older you get?

by | Mar 9, 2023

“I used to be able to eat that no problem and be in great shape, now if I even look at a Malteser bun I get fat 😟
“It was all grand until I hit 40, then it just became a constant struggle to keep weight off.”
Does this sound like you?
Could it be your metabolism slowing down or your hormone production changing with age?
Could it be genetic?
Also possibly. Ask your parents if you can, they might be able to answer that one for you.
Have your circumstances changed as you’ve got older?
Maybe your job has changed to a less active one. Maybe you have to look after children, 10 years ago this was your time to go for a walk with friends.
Has your sleep duration/quality went downhill?
2 hours less quality sleep can have a massive impact on weight loss.
Are you more stressed than you used to be?
Being 22 and care free can be an awful lot let stressful than 32 and lots of bills to pay 💰
Don’t just blame your age. Try and figure out if there’s anything that might be contributing to your fat loss struggle.
Address it 👊🏻
We try and help our members create structure. Identify issues. Form solutions to the things that might be holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself again.
If you need structure.
If you need accountability.
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