Does muscle weigh more than fat?

by | Nov 2, 2022

“I tried so hard this week and didn’t lose any weight, I’m RAGING 🤬, maybe I’m turning fat into muscle 🧐
Having had a nutritious week, 100% in a calorie deficit, exercising flat out, you jump on the scales, low and behold, NOTHING 😤 you gained 0.3kg 🥺
Regardless of being reassured, you start to think back to the age old thing you’ve heard, muscle weighs more than fat, that’s why I’m gaining ☝🏻
Let’s look at the facts….
A pound of fat weighs a pound.
A pound of feathers weighs a pound.
A pound of toblerone from the airport weighs…. a pound.
A pound of muscle also weighs a pound 🤯
So where has this notion came from about muscle weighing more than fat?
Muscle is denser than fat, so if you had the same amount in the palm of your hand, the muscle would feel heavier.
Two people who both weigh 70kg can look very very different.
There’s a very easy way to gauge whether you’re gaining muscle or fat…
Take your clothes off and have a look at yourself in the mirror, you’ll very easily be able to see whether your week of eating well and doing lots of exercise is working 🤔
The spanner in the works though…🔧⬇️
A great week can often show itself 2 weeks later, this is something we see ALL the time.
If you work super hard in the first week of August, remain consistent with it, it’ll likely be the third week of August before you see the benefit of it, the fruits of your labor as such 🥳
Basically, don’t give up after one week if you don’t get the results you want. If you’re under the guidance of a good coach and they’ve given you instructions, follow them and the changes will come, trust the process 😊