Get Them Involved

by | Feb 12, 2020

When was the last time you asked a friend or family member to come and exercise with you? Maybe you do it every day, maybe you much prefer to exercise on your own, or maybe you just haven’t thought to ask a friend or family member to come train with you.

At T1 Fitness, we’ve sooo many fantastic examples of families, married couples or best friends who train together. We tend to find that having close friendship or social circles on board makes achieving a fitness or fat loss goal that little bit easier.

This is a short post to say…if you don’t already exercise with someone close to you, why not ask them to go for a walk with you this week or weekend? It could be great chance to catch up, take 20 minutes out of your busy life to see how they’re doing. It might benefit you as much as it benefits them. Why not bring them along to the gym? Even if it’s just sitting down and chatting about your current goals and asking what they’re working towards, give it a go.