Gym Etiquette 101

by | Dec 14, 2018

Many people have never set foot in a gym in their lives before, so probably aren’t to sure about the ‘do’s and don’t’s’ within a gym. Here’s a quick run down of things to remember:

1. Bring a towel (if you’re sweaty).

There’s nothing more disgusting for someone than having to lie on a bench or mat that’s dripping in someone else’s sweat. Bring a towel and give it a wipe when you’re finished.

2. Put your weights away at the end of a set.

If you know there isn’t someone coming behind you to use them, put them back where they came from.

3. Always check your shoes aren’t bogging.

Wearing your shoes for a walk up a mountain or to the beach then into the gym will most likely leave a trail behind you. Again, not nice for the person coming after you.

4. Bring a water bottle.

It’s much quicker than making trips to water machine between exercises when you’ve only got a short amount of time.

5. Don’t be smelly.

Wash your gym gear after you’ve used it. Good hygiene is essential in a training environment.

6. Don’t drop dumbbells/kettlebells.

Firing weights down at the end of a set is dangerous, especially if there’s other around.

7. Working with a partner.

Introduce yourself. Be friendly. Encourage your partner. You might feel odd, but chances are there’s lots of others feeling the same, so a simple hello goes a long way.

8. If you see someone struggling, help them or draw the attention of the trainer.

9. Don’t stare and don’t be creepy.

No matter how nice someone’s bum is, doesn’t matter, don’t be gawking at it.

10. Don’t leave water cups in silly places or water bottles lying open waiting to be kicked over, close the lid.

11. Listen at the start of classes when the trainer is explaining the exercises.

Even if you know what you’re doing, someone else might not.

12. Beware of your surroundings.

Sometimes the prowler/something or someone might be flying up and down the carpet. There’s no zebra crossing, so be careful.

13. Don’t fire your jumper/coat/top at your arse.

Hang it up or put it in the changing room. Someone might trip on it.

These are a few gym rules that apply anywhere you go, not just at T1 Fitness, please respect them. Common sense always goes a long way!