Is it easier for men to drop body fat?

by | May 18, 2019

“I’m trying so hard to lose weight but it just seems to be falling off my husband and he isn’t even trying!” This is one I hear regularly, much to most women’s annoyance. So is there a reason for this? Simple answer, yes:
  1. Women carry more body fat for a start, thus making it harder to get leaner.
  2. Women generally require less food. If you look at the average daily calorie requirement, men require at least 500 calories more.
Let’s make an example of my fiancé Amy v Me. A moderalty active 5ft 3 female in comparison to a highly active 6ft male. Amy requires approximately 1200 calories to maintain her weight, where as I need 3200 calories to maintain mine. But we both have a big appetite so that’s a bit annoying for her when she sees me eating all the time, yet if she ate the same amount she probably wouldn’t fit behind the till in spar.
On a Sunday we both get a big Grahams ice cream with chocolate dip, some strawberry sauce, a baby flake stuck in the middle, there’s approximately 400 calories. For poor Amy thats about 33% of her daily calorie intake used up for the day. For as it’s less than 15% of mine! No doubt the ice-cream will have a more detrimental effect to Amy’s progress than mine.
To summarise, men usually have more calories to play with than women, it’s not our fault so don’t hold it against us please