Is This Food Good For Me?

by | Aug 16, 2017

At T1 Fitness we are often asked, “is this food good or bad?” Unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as yes or no, first you need to define ‘good’ and ‘bad’. The next step is to assess the context of the food as this is the key!! Here’s a few considerations:

1- How full does this food make you feel? (Hunger levels/satisfaction)

2- Is there a healthier option available? (If so why are you not having it?)

3- Does this food align with your goals? (Eating Chinese generally won’t help your weight loss goal)

You might find eating one chocolate bar daily or a Chinese once per week can be the difference in gaining weight or losing weight it, whereas your best friend eats a chocolate bar every day or a Chinese once per week and is consistently losing weight! How can this be possible? Nutrition is totally individual, if there was one magic plan for everyone, we wouldn’t be hiding it. The number of calories you need to eat to lose weight won’t necessarily be the same as your friend! Activity level, metabolism, diet history, sleep, stress levels, individual reactions to specific foods all play a major role. With regards to reaching your personal goal (whatever it might be), you need to be willing to sacrifice a few things if you want to make a change! At the end of the day, change doesn’t happen by chance, but by doing things you’ve never done before and creating new healthier habits!

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