Large Group Training

by | Jan 15, 2019

What & Why?

– burn fat
– increase fitness
– improve cardiovascular health
– feel better
– look better
– more energy
– feel like you’ve achieved something
– increased self worth
– an hour out of the house
– improved mental health
– make friends with like minded others


Our group training membership entails choosing the number of classes each week that suits you to attend (either 1, 2 or 3). These high intensity sessions will guarantee a tough but enjoyable 45 minutes. With our aim to make you fitter, healthier, have more energy and feel part of a team we guarantee every session will take you one step closer to your goal! You can book into these through our booking app (which we can set up when you come in) so you’ve lots of flexibility. The classes we offer are on a timetable in the picture.

Here’s a little run down about what each session will entail:

This session takes the form of a high intensity interval training class. On a Monday and Friday morning at 11am, it’s perfect for shift workers, parents, hairdressers or beauticians who want to make a great start and finish to the week. Sessions are full body and utilise both full body strength training and cardio.

Total Core:
This is perfect for building up core strength. Incorporating both balance and higher intensity work, this will ensure you’re tightening up round the middle. In this class, we’ll help you to perform techniques correctly and challenge people of any fitness level!

Get Strong:
Each session focuses on building up your strength through both complex and isolation exercises. We concentrate on improving your technique and building a solid platform before moving into the conditioning part towards the end of the session. This is where we lift the intensity and really work up a sweat!

Get Lean:
With the objective to keep your heart rate up from start to finish, we put the focus on getting calories burnt! Similar to our morning BURN sessions, we incorporate high intensity interval training to make the most of your time in the gym!

Total Conditioning:
This CrossFit style session will be high intensity throughout. Look forward to a mixture of cardio, strength, flexibility, ability, power and speed. This is a session which our members love to hate, suitable for beginners, as well as those who have high levels of fitness but want to be pushed to the limit!


How to sign up…

Fill in the short inquiry form above and we’ll be in touch ASAP!