My Top 6 Dieting Weapons ? ?

by | Dec 18, 2019

1. Brennan’s Be Good Bread: 60 calories a slice is an obvious winner when the bread cravings kick in.

2. Cut down on starchy carbs and fill up your plate with birds eye steam veg in your evening meal ?

3. A few hard boiled eggs whites with salt and red sauce will tide you over for an hour when your hungry but it’s not quite dinner time.

4. Fizzy water is a bit more filling than still water I find. Still aim for your 2 litres of normal water, but utilise fizzy water to tide you over for a wee while.

5. 2 Rich tea biscuits are my substitute for proper biscuits such as gold bars and Kit Kat’s ??? I use these as my treat before bed time or after a meal when craving something sweet.

6. KVARG yoghurts are my number one snack. Filling and full of protein. Great snack at any time of the day!

What are your dieting go to foods?