Should you go vegan?

by | Nov 16, 2020

Here’s what I think…

If you don’t like meat/dairy/eggs etc or for some reason it disagrees with you, veganism might be a consideration for you. If you think eating animals is cruel, then maybe be a vegetarian.

However, if you’re becoming a vegan because you think it’s trendy, because Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus think it’s great, or because you read on Facebook that cows farting is killing polar bears, give yourself a shake.

This post isn’t advising and isn’t concluding one way or the other, it’s simply my thoughts on the subject.

Having worked with many vegans over the past 12 years, I fully respect the dedication and effort it takes to stick to it. It works really well for many people. However, so does eating meat, fish, eggs, dairy and other animal products. There’s no need to demonise one or the other.

In regards dairy specifically, if it makes you bloated or gives you the skitter, I’d cut it out. But if you’re not drinking good nutritious wholesome cows milk because you think it’s bad for you, I’d advise you to get it back on your cereal. It’s probably the best post exercise drink on the market for recovery. You’ll get loads of the vitamins and minerals from it that you need, without any over priced airy fairy nonsense.

Learn what suits your body, what works for it, what you thrive on. Don’t let someone else dictate that.

Either way, stick to fresh food from local suppliers where possible like AJ Fresh Foods, Whyn Croft, Oh So Lean or Sea Source. Support your local farmers and fishermen.

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