The Many Different Forms Of Progress

by | Feb 14, 2019

It’s unbelievably easy to get caught up in weight loss obsession, your mood of the week solely dictated by the number on the scales. This isn’t a criticism of weighing yourself as a marker of progress, as for some people scale weight is a fantastic indicator of progress, however for others it isn’t necessarily the case.

Body shape and composition can change drastically without scale weight changing a single pound or gram. Progress can come come in the form an increase in:

-sleep pattern
-mental health
-outlook on things

A member comment last week.. “We went out for a meal last week, however it was different than usual. Instead of ordering 3 courses, we only had a main. What I actually found was that I really appreciated, savoured and enjoyed the one course far more than stuffing myself with starter and dessert that I really don’t need. I find myself thinking about things now before I eat them, something I’ve never done before.”

In my opinion, this is just as big of a marker of progress as losing a pound on the scales. Changing your approach to eating and being mindful can make a massive difference to your life. Celebrate these small wins and you’ll find the healthy life journey will be all the more enjoyable!