The MASSIVE Pothole That Is Liquid Calories

by | Mar 21, 2018

Sticking to your diet 100%, still not losing weight? Accounting for everything you eat, but what about everything you drink, surely that doesn’t count? Unfortunately it does. Liquid calories are still calories.

A few places you might be consuming liquid calories:
– Orange Juice, apple juice or other fruit juices
– Alcohol of all descriptions including wine, beer, cider and spirits
– Fancy coffees like vanilla lattes or cappuccinos
– Sugary drinks like coke, fanta and sprite
– Energy drinks like monster, BPM, lucozade and red bull
– Health drinks such as smoothies or shakes
– Liquidised soup

Depending on what’s in the drink/food will depend how many calories are in it. Carbs are 4kcal/gram, protein is also 4 kcal/gram, fat is 9 kcal/gram and alcohol is 7 kcal/gram. (kcal means calories)
In terms of fat loss, these calories should be factored into your daily caloric intake. If you can include them and remain in your desired calorie deficit for fat loss then there’s no issue, if you can’t, then cutting them down/out is an easy way to reduce your calorie intake.

If you find the liquid keeps you full then it may be grand, from my own personal experience, I don’t find liquid fills me at all so I’d rather just eat some solid food!

What options do you have?
If you have a craving for a drink, the number one option is water. Have a bottle close whenever possible and stay hydrated. Tea and coffee are options (in moderation). Diet fizzy drinks generally contain little or no calories, the sugar is replaced by artificial sweeteners. We aren’t recommending you start drinking lots of diet drinks, but again in terms of fat loss, consuming the occasional diet drink might keep you in the calorie deficit required to make progress. Also, if you just can’t avoid a night out and want to have a sociable drink, stick to a spirits and diet mixer if possible or simply don’t drink too much.
Just be mindful of calories contained in liquid and weigh up whether they’re worth it. You might be better just consuming some food and a glass of water!