The Qualities That Will Change Your Life

by | Dec 3, 2018

Change isn’t easy for most of us, there’s no doubt about that. In my opinion, there are many qualities required to make a significant change to yourself/lifestyle, here’a a few of them…


There has to be an inner grit that shows how much you want the change. You can talk about what you want all day long but without this, ain’t gona happen.


If you don’t think you can before you start, you can be pretty sure you won’t.

Highly Motivated 

When the going gets tough and you can’t be arsed anymore, it’s unbelievably important to keep your eye on the goal and stay motivated. Dips in motivation result in falling off the wagon, thus the cycle of failure starts again.

Good Planning

Definitely one of the most important qualities. Plan your week. Schedule your exercise. Plan your meals. WRITE IT DOWN.

Will Power

The ability to ignore temptations, as well as other people’s opinions who don’t want to see you do well because they haven’t got any will power and they can’t do it.


The ability to assess each day, week and month and see what’s went well, went wrong or simply could be done better is a very important tool. Keeping doing what’s going well, highlight and address what’s not.


If you see something isn’t working or more needs to be done, don’t wait for it to get 10 times worse then do something different. Get off your back end and get at it. No one else will do it for you.


It’s exceptionally important to be mindful through a weight loss journey. You must be mindful of calorie intake, upcoming social situations, things that are likely to throw your progress, slipping into old habits or simply threats to your progress.

Open minded 

Change is hard. Everyone has ways they tend to do things. If you’re in this situation, the way you do things clearly hasn’t worked, so it’s quite likely you need to be open minded towards a different approach.


These are essential qualities that you’ll need to apply to be successful in this venture, or any other major lifestyle change. If you aren’t great at some of them, don’t worry, you can always improve! Get all these in check and you’ll certainly stand in good stead!