Vegetarian or vegan and struggling to get protein increased?

by | Nov 2, 2022

We have you covered:
When we hear the word protein, we tend to think of meat, fish and eggs straight away. This can be frustrating if you are vegetarian or vegan.
Not all hope is lost though, below is some examples of foods you can incorporate into your diet to increase protein intake.
▶️ Seitan (25gramps protein per 100grams seitan)
▶️ Tofu, tempeh and edamame (which all originate from soybeans)
▶️ Beans and lentils (lentils provide 18grams of protein per cooked cup) most beans provide around 15grams of protein per cooked cup
▶️ Nutritional yeast (adds well into lentil Bolognese and most soups)
▶️ Spelt and teff (10-11grams of protein per cooked cup)
▶️ Green peas (9grams per cooked cup)
▶️ Spirulina (2 tablespoons provide 8grams of protein)
▶️ Quinoa (8-9grams per cooked cup)
▶️ Soy milk (6grams per cup)
Increasing protein intake can have many benefits, such as building and repairing muscle tissue, essential for hormone production, immune function and can be used as a source of energy keeping you satiated and feeling fuller for longer.
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