‘Weight Loss’ vs ‘Losing Body Fat’ vs ‘Toning Up’

by | Sep 26, 2017

These are 3 terms that are commonly used with regards what people want to achieve when they start training. What exactly are the differences? Weight loss is simply the number on the scales, lose some body fat is basically reducing fat stores in/on the body and ‘toning up’ is essentially body fat reduction, stripping back fat on the body and increasing muscle mass percentage, so you can see more definition.

Weight loss does not mean you will lose body fat, your weight fluctuates throughout the day with the amount of food and liquid you put in your body, as discussed in our previous post:

To lose body fat you need to stay consistent with your eating and training and not become over restrictive.

‘Toning up’ is another term used quite often, which can’t simply happen without body fat reduction. Body fat, especially in stubborn areas gets reduced through being in a calorie deficit. To get in a deficit you need to be aware of what you’re eating and exercise in a structured manner with a mix of resistance training and cardio. Training in this way not only helps to reduce body fat percentage but helps to increase muscle mass percentage (the percentage of your body that is muscle), which then gives you that desired ‘toned’ look. A massive part of this is creating good habits, your habits will determine how your body looks in 6 months time! A simple way to put this, if you go to learn a brand new skill like a language and you want to be an expert in 6 weeks, people will remind you that’s unrealistic. If you’re new to the gym and want to be an expert and have your ideal body in 6 weeks, that too is unrealistic. In this time frame, you should focus on starting to introduce new habits and then in the long term maybe closer to a 6-12 months you’ll have the body you desire. You need to be realistic about what you can achieve in the short term.

This post will hopefully re-emphasise that reaching your fitness goals won’t be plain sailing or easy, but will well and truly be worth it when you stick at it! You need to do the right things every day that will support the goal you want to achieve!