What does T1 Fitness stand for?

by | Feb 23, 2022

Ever tried to come up with a name for something? It’s not as handy as you might think 😳
Building a brand takes time, serious thought, about 50 re-drafts and another few once you think you’ve got there.
Quite a few people know the reason behind the name of our training facility and community, but many of you might not, so here’s an insight…
T1 fitness simply stands for Type 1 Fitness, this was what we started out as. After 3 and a half years, we decided to shorten this down to T1. It was called Type 1 fitness to raise awareness and to encourage anyone locally, that type 1 diabetes shouldn’t hold you back. Since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November 2004 at the age of 14, it’s been a challenge that had to be tackled head on. Learning how diabetes affected my body, how nutrition affected it, the impact physical activity and sport had on it, also the science behind it all became very important.
Fast forward to August 2015 when I decided to put together a business plan, take a calculated gamble and build a gym in the back yard, Type One Fitness became a reality.
For the approximately 8500 people living with type 1 diabetes in Northern Ireland, every day brings new challenges, unforeseen frustrations not to mention unpredictable highs and lows. But with advances in science, freestyle libres, closed loop insulin pump systems and other similar technology making it on to the scene, we can continue to be hopeful for the future. Research is ongoing, charities continue to do great work and maybe some day there will be a cure.
T1 Fitness is now a fitness community in Annalong, which aims to promote a positive, strong and active way of life. We don’t focus on anyone specific because I don’t believe there’s anyone we can’t help. With the level of expertise we hold between the staff at T1, we can help you get stronger, perform better, be someone to talk to for 45 minutes, get abs, gain weight or lose a few stone.
If you’re thinking about it and want to know more, send us a message on 07821453199 or fill out our inquiry form.