What Karen said in work

by | Jun 13, 2022

“Don’t eat cooked ham, it’s bad for you.”
“Avoid fruit, it’s got too much sugar in it.”
“Diet coke is worse than full fat coke for you.”
“Why are you eating protein? You’re trying to lose weight, you’re not a body builder.”
“I can eat as much sauce covered salad as I want, sure it’s syn free.”
“It’s the gluten that’s making you fat you know.”
“Red meat is very bad for you, it’ll give you a heart attack.”
“Eating eggs more than twice a week is bad for your cholesterol.”
The question you need to ask Karen…. What nutrition or dietician qualifications have you got? The answer will be zero. Karen gets her facts from Facebook and the odd golden nugget from her hairdresser.
Don’t believe everything you hear or read.
If common sense can’t be applied, ask someone who has the appropriate qualifications, such as a nutrition degree. Don’t let someone drag you down because they starve themselves for 2 days, fall off the wagon and can’t bear to see you doing well.
We base our recommendations on facts mixed with experience. We try to educate our members to make the best choices and find what works for them. Quick fixes very rarely bring long lasting results.
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