Why it’s OK to yo-yo diet

by | Nov 2, 2022

Do you find yourself super motivated, eating perfect, meal prepping, getting out for regular walks, training well, feeling good, then BANG 🔫 Off the wagon.

Motivation is nowhere to be found. Old habits creep back in 💀 All of a sudden it’s not going so well. What can you do about it?

Here’s how we see it….

You don’t always have to be ON a ‘diet’.

You don’t always have to be ‘dieting’.

This isn’t a recommendation to crash diet, far from it. It’s a recommendation to spend a shorter period of time being stricter on yourself. A period of time that has an end point.

Having a short term window to be stricter with your eating, rather than it being from now until infinity and no light at the end of the tunnel and super grim.

Weddings, nights out, holidays, formal events or simply an item of clothing that no longer fits can be the best motivators. Give yourself some structure by planning in an event, that’s a feasible time in the future. Somewhere in the region of 8-20 weeks away.

Make a plan 📝

Get it into your head that if you stick to your intentions of eating well, controlling your portions and minimal junk for 3 weeks, you’ll give yourself a bit more freedom in week 4. A chance to relax a bit for a week, then hit it hard again. Repeat this until you’ve hit your target 🎯

It’s OK to eat more mindfully and achieve something, then take a while having an extra biscuit or two in your day. It’s perfectly normal. We’re here to help you hit that target and then maintain what you’ve achieved in a sustainable way.

We want to help you make that action plan. Help you lose that stone. Help you get up the stairs without being busted. Help you feel good about yourself again.

You know where we are. Fill in our inquiry form if you need help 🤳