Why you keep failing

by | Sep 20, 2023

We all have great intentions to eat well, exercise regularly and be the best version of ourselves. How come we fall off the wagon so often (like Robert’s first ski attempt), deviate from the plan and need to hit the reset button again on a Monday?
A massive part of it, is the inability to change a life long bad habit, so let’s try and do something about it👇🏻
The first stage in changing a destructive habit is being mindful and identifying it 🚨
Make a note of the habits you have throughout a day which have an effect on the outcome you’re trying to achieve 📝
For example:
1. Bowl of Frosties in the morning.
2. Chocolate biscuit after a meal.
3. Having a packet of crisps on your break.
4. Watching Netflix for 3 hours a night.
Write the time and location of how you’re going to address your habit.
➡️ After lunch at work, I will have a cup of tea rather than a biscuit. This will save me 700 calories a week.
➡️ At 8pm I will go for a short walk before watching Netflix for one hour then going to bed at 10pm to be well rested for tomorrow.
Just saying you’re ‘going to be good’ generally won’t work beyond a few days. You haven’t addressed the habit or planned a solution to address it.
Having a very clear goal of what you’re working towards is ESSENTIAL. Other wise you’ve as much chance of success as Leeds winning a trophy this year.
If you need to address bad habits of a lifetime or need to surround yourself with people who can help you stay on track, get in touch with us today 🤳