Why you shouldn’t judge the overweight person who continues to eat junk

by | Feb 23, 2022

How often do you see the hefty soul in the queue at the chip shop and think, do they really need that?
When was the last time you sat in a restaurant and happened to notice an obese person ordering a battered sausage supper, maybe an extra pastie or a few onion rings, a bottle of full fat coke and thought, no wonder they look like that?
It’s very simple. You do not know what any individual has been through or is currently going through.
Betty has maybe lost her parents and can hardly get out of bed never mind face a quinoa salad.
Maybe Jimmy’s wife left him for the postman and he’s never quite got over it.
Put simply, you can never assume someone’s circumstances, maybe the only comfort they get is in food, so who are we to judge.
However, there comes a point when the danger of obesity starts to become so real, that every day the risk of a fatal episode increases. A heart attack. Type 2 diabetes. A stroke. Severe breathing difficulties. Clots. These are just a few of the dangers that obesity can result in.
All we can do as fitness professionals is offer a life line. Today might not be the day you start, but it might be the day you start to think about making a change. Consider reaching out for help. It might me the 90 seconds that it takes to fill in the inquiry form that saves your life.
To conclude, encourage before you judge. Have empathy before criticism. Ask someone how they’re doing before you tell them they may get on a diet.
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